About Us

Howick Rhythmics was formed in 2007 by the Head Coach Charnay Mouldey when she was only 17 years old and is the only Rhythmic Gymnastics Club in East Auckland. Charnay started Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was 6 years old as she enjoyed gymnastics; the opportunity to combine her love of gymnastics and dancing excited her. Initially she started in a recreation class and went on to compete in Auckland competitions, North Island, Nationals and eventually represented New Zealand overseas. Charnay retired from competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics in 2007 after winning New Zealand Nationals in Level 10 in order to concentrate on the Howick Rhythmics Gymnastics Club.

At the end of 2014 Charnay stepped down as Head Coach in order to concentrate on her career, and Nicole Paton a senior coach stepped into the role. Nicole has been immersed in gymnastics since a very young age. She started at the age of 4 in a recreational artistic gymnastics club, as she made her way up the levels she decided to peruse rhythmic gymnastics because "the leotards were much more exciting". After joining Xtreme Rhythmics she competed and qualified at the National Championship as an individual and a group athlete every year until an unfortunate knee injury put her out of competing. Nicole was eager to continue in the gym world despite her injury so she start stared coaching at Howick Rhythmics in 2010 and making her way up to Head coach in 2015 was the pinnacle of her coaching career. Nicole is supported by several assistant coaches and a Committee.

Howick Rhythmics is a non-profit organisation and to keep the cost of Term Fees down, parents and gymnasts are required to support fundraising initiatives of the Club. Should you have any fundraising ideas please contact the Head Coach.


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